New Zealand

One drunken summer night in Melbourne Australia, I decided to book a flight to New Zealand for a snowboarding trip. I'd never been snowboarding in my life so it was rather out of the blue, but I had a couple of close friends that did it every year & their stories were always exciting. 

So August came around & I had got myself a second hand snow board off gumtree, backpack & camera in hand, I caught my flight over to Christchurch. 

We rented three camper vans & travelled down the South island to Wanaka, stopping at different snow slopes along the way. I worked out quite quickly that T bars were a pain in the ass to get on & up the mountain, let alone trying to get down it...but we all have the start somewhere. 

Camping off road was fun, but thrilling as it was below minus 3c, I was sleeping in all my snow clothing gear & I was still cold! We lit fires near ice lakes where the boys had caught fresh salmon from earlier & drank rum under thousands of stars, it was truly incredible. When we woke the eggs would be frozen & all the water, so not exactly a hangover cure but looking out into the lands surrounding us with sparkling snow sprinkled everywhere made it so rewarding. 

New Zealand's land scape are so beautiful & raw, these are but a few photographs I captured on our trip...I will definitely be back down the track to see more of this country.