Travel has always been in my blood. Adventure and new horizons came naturally to my parents and we were never in one place for long, so like my three siblings I was born on the run. Being home-schooled we spent our childhood chasing the sun turning our little heads golden as we roamed the great open grassy plains in Zimbabwe to running and playing along the beach front cliffs in Wales.  

I was thirteen when I first picked up a camera, it was one of my dad's old ones with big lenses and a thousand buttons. We were living in the Caribbean at the time & it didn't take long before I became addicted. I took it everywhere, exploring the islands & sea-shores, frightening the crabs along the rocks. 

At seventeen I left home & pursued my dreams of exploring the world; first stop was Central America. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going but in my mind I didn't care, I was on a adventure. Maybe I was even a bit naive, but that was all part of the fun. I started collecting stories, meeting people from all different walks of life and learning as I went along. It wasn't easy, sometimes I had days when I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the pure beautiful energy I got from travelling overcame all of the negative & pushed me on my way. 

After a year of lounging around in hammocks, eating mangos off the trees, letting my hair turn wild, soaking up the sun, finding hidden rock pools in the jungles to swim in, sitting on chicken buses for ridiculously long stints, disappearing on islands in the Atlantic Ocean, hiking up active volcanoes and following surfers down along the Pacific coast I finally decided that I needed a home cooked meal. 

So I set my compass for England. I lived in London for the summer...exploring the big city & drinking cider in the parks. I revisited my childhood beaches in Wales; travelled up to Scotland & even across to Ireland visiting family along the way, but I found these things could only capture my heart for a short while and it wasn't long before I was back off to explore parts of Europe. The Greek Islands, Germany, Holland, Portugal & France all took their turns to feature on my global travel map; I even got lost in Turkey in balloon filled skies.

I'm currently based in Byron Bay, Australia, following a never ending list of adventures. 

This is a diary of the moments I live & imagery I capture.