Scotland is a country I hold very closely to my heart, for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, if you hadn't already noticed, my surname "Donaldson" originates from this historic and astoundingly charming corner of the world. My great grandfather was a Scot who migrated to Zimbabwe in the 1920's and Scotland is where my mother and siblings reside to this day. 

I recently endevoured on a journey back to pursue my roots and photograph a kilted family wedding in June. Instantly I became enchanted by the rugged coastline, vibrant wildflowers, unique traditions and of course the rich history. 

I spent time exploring castles, the cobbled streets of quaint Edinburgh as well as getting lost in the abundance of poppies. Some of my favourite parts were drinking local ales, eating fish and chips by the sea and finding treasures in old antique stores. Here is a few snaps I took along the way. 

The Netherlands

                                                                      Is cruising along historic canals

Amsterdam is ripe for rambling, its compact core laced by little lanes and quarters. You never know what you'll find: a hidden garden, a shop selling delicate handmade jewellery, hundreds of coffee shops, an old classic dutch cheese factory. Wherever you end up, it's probably by a canal. And a café. And a building that looks like a Golden Age painting or smoking a joint in the sunshine. 

New Zealand

One drunken summer night in Melbourne Australia, I decided to book a flight to New Zealand for a snowboarding trip. I'd never been snowboarding in my life so it was rather out of the blue, but I had a couple of close friends that did it every year & their stories were always exciting. 

So August came around & I had got myself a second hand snow board off gumtree, backpack & camera in hand, I caught my flight over to Christchurch. 

We rented three camper vans & travelled down the South island to Wanaka, stopping at different snow slopes along the way. I worked out quite quickly that T bars were a pain in the ass to get on & up the mountain, let alone trying to get down it...but we all have the start somewhere. 

Camping off road was fun, but thrilling as it was below minus 3c, I was sleeping in all my snow clothing gear & I was still cold! We lit fires near ice lakes where the boys had caught fresh salmon from earlier & drank rum under thousands of stars, it was truly incredible. When we woke the eggs would be frozen & all the water, so not exactly a hangover cure but looking out into the lands surrounding us with sparkling snow sprinkled everywhere made it so rewarding. 

New Zealand's land scape are so beautiful & raw, these are but a few photographs I captured on our trip...I will definitely be back down the track to see more of this country.